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Dance Arts Program

DAA will provide leveled classes starting in September and ending in June for students starting at age two. We will hold classes in ballet, tap, jazz, modern, lyrical, hip hop, contemporary, theatre jazz & tap, combo classes for younger students, adult workshop classes and petite performance classes. These classes will end in a Annual Recital at the beginning of summer to showcase the student's growth and improvement.

We are offering a grouping of classes for the dancer looking to train in the traditional foundation classes - this is called The Performer's Program. For a flat fee your dancer will take a 45 minute jazz class, a 45 minute tap class and an hour ballet class. Additional classes can be added to your dancer's schedule at a reduced price. 

DAA Class Descriptions (under construction)

Petite Performer's Session Programs

Students ages 2 to 4

*must be potty trained*

Mini Ballet/Tap

Students ages 4 to 6 years old

Kids Ballet/Tap

Students ages 6 to 8 years old

Kids Ballet/Tap/Jazz

Students in Kindergarten & First Grade

Kids Jazz/Hip Hop

Students in Second to Fifth Grade

Leveled Classes by Genre

Level I - 8 to 10 years old ~ Approximately 2nd to 4th Grades

Level II - 11 to 13 years old ~ Approximately 5th to 7th Grades

Level III/IV - 13 and up ~ Approximately 7th Grade through High School 





Hip Hop


Musical Theatre

Pre-Pointe & Pointe


We are a certified Acrobatic Arts Studio offering two classes - Acro I & II - to our students for the Fall of 2020 into the Spring of 2021. We are provided a detailed and lengthy syllabus to use for classes which certified studios follow nationally and internationally. Please understand this is not a gymnastics class. 

Another quick leveling and class placement note ~ we are not like the school system where your student can move up a level EACH year. As a dance studio with only up to 4 or 5 levels per genre of dance most dancers spend a couple or more years within a level before being moved up.


Our number ONE priority is to be sure your dancer is comfortable and successful ~ please know when placing dancers this is always at the forefront of our decisions.

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